Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ADVICE: Medicine bag

When away at an all-inclusive resorts, you may encounter all sorts of ailments.  Here is what I carry with us when we travel. I keep all this in a ziploc and bring it in my carry-on:
  • Advil - not only is it good for headaches and muscle pain, you can also take it when you get a sunburn. If you get a bad sunburn, immediately go inside. Take two Advils and a cold shower. Apply lots of aloe and take a nap with the A/C on full blast.
  • Benadryl - I discovered this trick when we stayed at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya back in 2007. We met a great couple - Michelle and Carl.  While the men were snorkeling, Michelle noticed my heat rash. She went back to her room to get me Aerius. She instructed me to go back to my room for the rest of the afternoon, take the two antihistamines and a cold shower and relax in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. She is one smart cookie because this trick worked (this is the same formula as the Advil and sunburn trick).
  • Lanacane - this is great for instant relief for heat rash and bug bites.
  • Immodium - just in case you have a bad case of BG's (this was a term we came up with when we stayed in the DR with four other friends - BG's stand for bubble gut). Only take one Immodium when it's absolutely necessary.
  • Visine - Mr. Beach Junkie loves to snorkel and also swim in the ocean and pool. He tends to get red eyes after a day in the water and sun. A couple of drops of Visine does the trick right before we go out for dinner.
  • Hand sanitizer - with germs lingering around everywhere, you never know if you will get to wash your hands before eating any food. Always good to have sanitizer on hand.
  • Liquid bandage - water-soaked band-aids are never any fun so spray liquid bandage on your cut or scrape instead.
  • Band-aids - always good to have (just in case you get blisters from your flip flops).
  • Gravol - if you are prone to motion sickness, it's good to have these for the airplane and bus ride (maybe even for a boat ride).
  • After-Bite - another remedy for instant relief of bug bites.
  • Facial lotion and mist - I added these two items because you should hydrate your face on the plane and the facial mist is great for when you are feeling the heat on your face.


Bill said...

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lisa said...

Pretty comprehensive list!

Meg said...

great list! i haven't been to an all-inclusive yet, but it's definitely on my list of vacations to take (SOON). so this list is definitely helpful!