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Guest Review: NH Real Arena/NH Royal Beach

It's always great to hear from our readers. Some have questions about a resort we stayed at and what's even better is when they email us to tell us all about there vacation. Marcianne emailed us back in December with some questions about our stay at NH Real Arena. She made us quite jealous when she mentioned that she would be going for two weeks over the holidays. Here's her report about her stay at NH Real Arena (one of our favorite resorts).


Hi Leesh,

We had a wonderful trip, even though the weather wasn't really nice.  It was cloudy almost every day and even rained at least 4 times.  We pretty much had only half days of sun. The hotel was good but at first we were a bit surprised at how big it was.  There were so many people, tons of children, and a bit too much noise! It was the holidays, mind you, and of course we love children, but we were looking forward to a nice relaxing romantic and sunny holiday.

We were also disappointed at the fact that our room was on the ground floor, when I had taken the time to write Roberto prior to our departure, our travel agent had requested a 3rd or 4th floor room, and we had paid for the mirage level so I assumed we would have had a better room.  We complained to a very nice concierge named Alexander and even though he couldn't do anything that night, he did tell us to come back and see if there was another room the next day.  Well it just so happened that apparently the hotel had overbooked and since we had no children, he offered to upgrade our hotel to the sister hotel next door called the NH Royal Beach for a very small fee.  He said it was smaller (about 200 rooms) and for adults only and that there were two more a la carte restaurants, and of course we could still have complete access to the NH Real Arena and all their restaurants.  The Royal Beach also offers unlimited reservations for all 6 restaurants and we could make them all at once for the whole 14 days.

As soon as we changed hotels, we were in heaven!  The buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner was amazing! Fine cheeses and good bread.  Expressos and cappacinos.. Irish coffees after dinner under the stars!  At one of the restaurants at the Royal Beach I ate a rack of lamb.  The menu at the other restaurant was a tasting menu which was also excellent!  The Royal Beach hotel is newer and the rooms are nicer and bigger and each one has an outdoor whirlpool bath on the balcony!  Needless to say, the change made our holiday a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who wants great food, quiet atmosphere and excellent service!  I'm sure that both of the NH hotels are excellent and we met lots of people at the other hotel who loved it there too.

All in all, I can say we spent a week of being spoiled while we waited and hoped for the sun to come out! We relaxed and read books before returning to snow and ice and work... I hope this helps some people choose a good place for vacation.

Keep up your beautiful site, it sure helped me to feel good about my choice.



Thanks Marcianne for sharing your thoughts and experience after being upgraded to the new resort next door, NH Royal Beach. We, ourselves would like to check it out one day. It would be nice to stay at the sister hotel and enjoy the benefits of adults-only while still having the options to enjoy the amenities over at NH Real Arena.

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