Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I ♥ the beach by Reni

{Boracay Island, Philippines}

Best resort. Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort (Costa Rica) and Discovery Shores Boracay (Philippines)

Worst resort. So far I've been lucky on not having a negative experience on lodging/accommodations.

Tropical cocktail of choice.  pina colada, mango margarita

Favorite sunblock.
Ultra Sheer Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 70 and Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 70

Beach tunes.
California Gurls (Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dog), Summertime (TQ), Escapade (Janet Jackson),  I'm In Miami B*tch (LFMAO), Holiday (Madonna), I Got A Feeling (Black Eyed Peas), Dynamite (Taio Cruz)  - sorry, I listed too much.  It said, tunes - plural, right? :)

One magazine to bring.
Marie Claire

Best tour operator.
Interbus (Costa Rica)

Go-to travel agent/company. CostaRicanTrails , Mango Travel and Azumano Travel (mostly for trips to Asia)

Travel essentials. sunblock (the ones mentioned above), clinique after-sun body balm, flip flops, iPod, a magazine, a good book, sunglasses, passport, camera (point & shoot and dslr), wallet, pen/paper or a travel journal, blistex daily conditioning lip balm SPF 15

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Marz said...

I absolutely love seeing the Phillippines listed :) I miss it SO much!!!

I love Escapade & Holiday - two of my favourite songs ever :)

What I wouldn't do to be on the coast of somewhere beautiful! It's absolutely FREEZING here! I just took the dogs out and my hands are NUMB! ha I HATE the snow, but I am enjoying an unexpected and very welcome two days off from work :)

Lovely review Reni!

Anonymous said...

thanks leesh and miq for the invite and marz, yes, the philippines is indeed beautifffuuulll!!

you can never go wrong with ms. janet and madonna!