Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ADVICE: Jelly Belly

On our trip to Cayo Ensenachos, I brought something that I have never thought to bring before. For some reason, I had some jelly bellies lying around the house and I decided to throw them into a ziploc bag and bring along. They stayed in my beach bag the whole week. It was great to have a little sweetness throughout the day, it was a treat after dinner and most of all, it came in handy when one of our travel buddies was suffering from a possible heat stroke. Before we were able to get her into a cool air conditioned area, we gave her some jelly bellies to boost up her sugar levels and some water to hydrate.

These little candies will become a staple now on my ever-growing packing list. Some flavors to give you that island feel - crushed pineapple, island punch, lemon-lime, mango, margarita, pina colada or just pick up the tropical mix.

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