Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ADVICE: Packing your luggage and splitting the contents

After reading our guest resort review in the previous post, it gave me an idea. Let me quote the line in her review that inspired this post:

"We waited on board for over an hour for the luggage trailers to bring our passengers' bags to the plane group by TINY group. The captain advised us that we had to take off due to flight crew schedule restrictions, while 29 of our bags were still somewhere in the airport's luggage system."

Here's a little tip and it's something that Beach Junkies practices for every trip they go on. If you have the luxury of traveling with a companion, we advise spliting what you are bringing between the two suitcases. This way, in case one suitcase gets lost, you will have some of your clothing and toiletries in the other luggage. We also started doing this when a friend told me about her trip to Cozumel with her mom. Her mom's luggage didn't make it to their destination but luckily my friend's luggage made it through. If they had split their stuff, the mom would have had some of her clothes to get her through the week. I would certainly suggest to either pack your bikini/boardshorts in your carry-on or wear it on the plane. It's the most important item you need to enjoy your vacation.

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