Friday, February 11, 2011

I ♥ the beach by Steph

{Ashwem Beach, Goa, India}

Best resort. Yab Yum Resort at Ashwem Beach, Goa, India

Worst resort. I have not been to enough resorts to fairly say that there is a worst on my list. I can rank them, but I can't say that there is one resort that I had such a negative experience at that I can classify it that way.

Tropical cocktail of choice. Mojito

Favorite sunblock. I love the Neutrogena products because they feel the cleanest.

Beach tunes.
Something acoustic.

One magazine to bring.
InStyle, because it's nice and thick and easy to flip through.

Best tour operator.
Not sure, so I will say SunWing

Go-to travel agent/company. I do my research for pricing on, and Expedia. Then I get in touch with Beatrice at and she usually gets me the best deals

Travel essentials. iPod, a couple of books, sunscreen, snacks, cameras, flip flops, magazines, mosquito repellant.



Anonymous said...

yay steph! i love neutrogena, too, and totally agree with the "clean" feeling.

dimpy roy said...

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