Monday, January 16, 2012

How We Ate Our Way Through NYC: Bon Chon Chicken

Restaurant Name:
Bon Chon Chicken
325 5th Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 686-8282

Cuisine: Korean
Price Rating: $$
Beach Junkies Rating (based out of 5 stars):
Food: 4 / Service: 4 / Drinks: 4 / Atmosphere: 4
In the same trip I discovered Koi three years ago, I stumbled upon Bon Chon Chicken.  We were at a friend's apartment and were lazy to go out and eat so we wanted something delivered. There in front of us was a menu for Bon Chon and we decided to try it.  It is now my must have while in NYC along with the Crispy Rice from Koi.  Unfortunately, we didn't take much pics of the food here since we were starving by the time we got there. I hope I can describe each thing perfectly.

Drinks: Blue Moon Beer & Coke -  We heard about Blue Moon beer from a friend of mine and thought I'd try it out and I quite enjoyed it.  It paired nicely with the food.

Sides: Kimchi Coleslaw & White Rice - Some of you might be thinking "Rice with wings?" but it's the best thing ever! Kimchi coleslaw was to die for.  Crunchy, gooey and spicy all in one bite. "A" ordered a side of hot sauce but never used it since the coleslaw gave enough kick for her.

Popcorn Shrimp & Onion Rings

Appetizer: Popcorn Shrimp & Onion Rings - This was not bad but it basically was your typical popcorn shrimp and onion rings.  Nothing special about it but the cocktail sauce that came with it had a good kick to it which was great. What we should've ordered here instead were the Bulgogi Tacos! We saw it on the menu after eating and regret not ordering it. Our server said it's her favorite thing on the menu.

Soy Garlic Drumsticks

Main: Small (5pcs) Bon Chon Soy Garlic Drumsticks - When we ordered this, we didn't know if it would be enough for the both of us since we were thinking these would be drumstick wings. Obviously we were wrong. These were the regular drumsticks and they were the larger kind too. The Soy Garlic that they glaze it with is just delicious and the drumsticks are fried to perfection.  Nice crispy layers of skin and soft white meat on the inside. Paired with the Kimchi Coleslaw, this thing will just scream flavors in your mouth.

There are two Bon Chon locations in Midtown, the second one being on W 38th Street. Oddly enough, that was the location we were aiming for but ended up at the one on 5th Ave.  We highly would recommend this place for lunch.  It wasn't busy at all and might have a harder time getting a table during dinner service.  We are definitely returning to try out those Bulgogi Tacos and I won't wait three years to have this again!


Eugenia said...

MMMM can I come with you next time?! LOL I love NY restaurants!!

audrey marie said...

oh fun - remembering it for my coming trip to ny!

Beach Junkies said...

You must try the fried chicken. It's something so different and unlike any fried chicken we have ever eaten.