Monday, January 11, 2010

ADVICE: Tipping at all-inclusive resorts

I have been asked many times, how much money should I bring (and to this I always say, bring lots of $1 bills) and how do you tip? This is our scale (mind you, we love tipping)...

Maids - $2 a day
Bartenders - $1 almost each time we get a drink but if there is butler service on the beach or by the pool and if you find that one server comes to you frequently, tip them $5 in the beginning and you should be set. They will probably take care of you for that day and some of the other days that they are working
Servers at buffet restaurants - $1 for breakfast, $2 for lunch and $3 for dinner
Servers at a la carte restaurants - $5
Bell boy -  for when they pick up your luggage at the beginning and end of your stay - $5

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