Friday, January 8, 2010

RESORT REVIEW: El Dorado Seaside Suites

Trip Date: June 2008
Location: Puerto Aventuras (Mayan Riviera), Mexico

Beach Junkies Rating: (based on 5 stars)
Beach: 5 / Food: 5 / Rooms: 5 / Pools: 4 / Snorkeling: 5

El Dorado beach - north side of the resort

My wife and I stayed at the EDSS from June 14-21. This was our 9th All Inclusive resort and first Adults Only.

Having not stayed at an adults only resort before, we were surprised how quiet it was! It was amazing. Since we had a morning flight and got there before our rooms were ready, we quickly got changed and headed to the beach where we found a top floor beach bed and slept there till our room was ready.

Some people complained that the pager that they were given wasn't even used when their room was ready, but come on people, it's a small resort! Take some initiative and see if your room is ready. If they said 3pm, go back at 3pm and check with them. It's a resort, not a slave ship!

We were in building 41, and the room was beautiful. We did not get a swim up since the pool really isn't our thing, but from what I heard, all the rooms were pretty much the same (in the new buildings). If you want a renovated room, simply email the resort a week before you go and request it but keep in mind, just because you request it, doesn't mean that you'll get it.

duck taco's with fresh guacamole

The food at this resort is EXCELLENT! We did get a case of TD (Travel Diarreah) but really, you can get that anywhere!! It's also not food poisoning! I've had food poisoning before and trust me, this wasn't it. If you were to wikipedia Travel Diarrhea, you'll see how common this is when visiting places like the caribbean.

The Beach is excellent! If you want a good spot, wake up early and if you want a beach bed, they usually open back up around 3pm and later, so just find a place that you can relax at till 3, then move to a beach bed. The majority of guests at this resort are British, so they are up early and reserving their spots only because their clock is 6 hours ahead of us. If your clock was 6 hours ahead, I'd save my spot too and sit there. The shore gets rocky towards the Dive Center, but if you go towards the crumbling rock wall, the sand is so much softer and thats where most people enter to swim. Really though it's fine anywhere.

snorkeling at the El Dorado beach

Complaining about a rocky beach is like complaining that someone didn't mow the jungle for you, it's nature people! Snorkeling is great as well, but bring your mask and snorkel so you can go as long as you can. There are lots of activities at this resort. Just find the schedule and theres something to do every hour. We didn't do any of them, we just wanted to relax.

There were some shows at night, we didn't watch any of them since it seemed that this resort tends to be a quiet one at night so if your looking for an active night scene, this isn't it.

Overall this was an amazing trip. I think our of all the trips I've gone on, this was the most relaxing. It was well worth it.

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