Friday, January 8, 2010

RESORT REVIEW: Blue Bay Villas Doradas

Trip Date: September 2008
Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Beach Junkies Rating: (based on 5 stars)
Beach: 3 / Food: 5 / Rooms: 4 / Pools: 3 / Snorkeling: n/a

Playa Dorada

My buddy and I stayed at the Blue Bay Villas Doradas from Sept 20-27, 2008.  Long story short, we were suppose to go there for a stag, but plans got screwed up so we just made it into a surf trip.

I never had a desire to go to Puerto Plata but at this time, the price was so reasonable we couldn't refuse.  It also was the one place where we can get some surf lessons without paying an arm and a leg so we decided to give it a shot.

Blue Bay Lobby

The first impressions of this place is really good.  You walk into a nice fresh white balcony with modern furnishing, it kind of reminds you of a Miami style hotel.  This hotel also has free wi-fi in the lobby so I saw a bunch of people sitting there just doing their own thing.  The hotel also supplies 2 laptops for the guests to use.

The overall feel of this hotel is comfortable.  I didn't mind staying at a small resort.  It's nice to be able to walk somewhere from time to time and it's a good way to meet people.  The animation team were very nice and worked really hard at keeping everyone entertained.

The shows however were a disaster.  A real disaster!  They were soooo bad that I felt embarassed for them as I watched it.

Peking Duck

Food here was great!  It was at least 2 years since I had visited the Dominican Republic and let me tell you, when I took that first bite, I felt like I was home again!  For a small resort this place had EXCELLENT food!  We didn't try any of the a la cartes but we did try the asian one and opted for a peking duck which was $20.  This was an UNBELIVEABLE meal!!  They gave you the whole duck and basically prepared it for you 3 different ways.  Needless to say I was FULL by the time I came out of this restaurant.

The one thing that alot of people didn't like was the amount of vendors walking the beach.  Honestly I didn't care.  In fact I found alot of them to be entertaining!  They really don't bother you.  All you got to do is say no NICELY and they will go away politely.

If it wasn't for the beach I would've had this resort up there, but since I'm a big beach person I'm a bit partial to it.  The resort itself however was AWESOME and I'd recommend this place to anyone that is thinking of going to Puerto Plata.

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